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For The Whole World by Walter Boyd



The Preface to the book points out that the Reformed teaching of ‘Limited Atonement’, sometimes also termed 'Definite or Particular Redemption’ is often presented as the norm, sometimes overtly couched in carefully chosen phraseology which satisfies the undiscerning.

It is against such a background that this present work has been written. The author places this doctrine under the microscope of Holy Scripture and examines it in intricate detail. No element of the teaching in question is allowed to escape rigorous investigation. To change the metaphor, no stone is left unturned and in the process of turning the stones, quite a few unbiblical concepts and disturbing misinterpretations are discovered and dismissed, while truth is stated with clarity and conviction.

Whether the doctrine in question is examined at the bar of Scripture, history, philosophy or typology, it is shown to be deficient in every area. However, as a contrast to these ideas, a most positive presentation of truth is affirmed. The full-orbed, eternal, universal reach of the substitutionary work of Christ is set forth in the undimmed grandeur of its biblical glory and grace, reaching out with its redemptive provision to every needy soul.

This book demonstrates that the death of Christ is not only sufficient for every sinner who comes, repents, and trusts in Him, but it reaches farther still. That death also effected a full atonement for those who sadly choose not to come and who never repent and thereby never taste of the atoning benefits won for them by Christ at Calvary.
About the author:

Walter Boyd

and his wife, Maud, were commended to serve the Lord in 1990 and after spending nine years in Cape Town, South Africa, they returned to reside in Northern Ireland. Walter continues in the work of the Lord in gospel preaching and the ministry of God's Word, as well as the production of teaching literature through Scripture Teaching Library.

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