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Pilgrim Songs by Edward Dennett



'Song of Ascent' is the title given to each of the fifteen Psalms from 120 to 134. Also known as the songs of degrees, they cover a wide range of subjects, but are also notable for what they have in common: the beauty of their poetry, their focus on the Temple, and the hope that they all express. This classic discussion of these Psalms in Pilgrim Songs emphasises their historical significance and the precious prophetic truth that they contain, but also highlights their relevance for pilgrim believers today. Dennett's clear and concise exposition of these precious passages of Scripture is a delightful and edifying work that directs the reader to Christ as the fulfilment of prophecy, and the hope of God's people in every age.
About the author:

Edward Dennett

(1841-1914) was born at Bembridge in the Isle of Wright. He served as a Baptist minister in Greenwich, but following a serious illness, and a period of recuperation in Switzerland, he abandoned his denominational ties and gathered to the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. He laboured in England, Scotland, and Ireland, and visited Norway, Sweden, and America. He edited The Christian Friend from 1874 to 1899, and wrote a number of books and articles.

Book Reviews:

Pilgrim Songs - By Edward Dennett

Mr Dennett was born in the Isle of Wight in 1841 and grew up in a Church of England home. Converted as a young man, he later became a Baptist pastor but after considerable exercise of soul he resigned his pastorate and identified with saints gathered to the Name of the Lord Jesus. His reasons for this move are explained in his biographical booklet 'The Step I have taken'. Mr. Dennett was a 'ready scribe' on scriptural subjects, producing commentaries on Exodus, Ezra, Daniel, Zechariah, Malachi and Revelation plus other works. His least known work is this one on the Pilgrim Psalms. In it the writer demonstrates the structure of this discreet group of fifteen Psalms, with a Psalm for Solomon being the central one (Psalm 127) and seven on either side. He also points out the interesting distribution of the Name Jehovah throughout the section. As well as highlighting the original setting of these Psalms, he gives their prophetic anticipation as well as their devotional bearing on the life of every child of God. A very worthwhile, edifying and recommended read.

Reviewed by David Gilliland
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