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Proverbs by Walter Boyd



The book of Proverbs abounds with spiritual wisdom that is as relevant and applicable today as it was when King Solomon first instructed his son in its precepts. Few passages of Scripture contain such a density of practical instruction; every verse of this book contains truth that speaks directly to the details and decisions of our daily lives. Every area and every stage of life is addressed with pithy precision by the teachings of Proverbs. In the 31 chapters of Proverbs, highlighting its lessons for our daily lives. Designed to be read as an accompaniment to the daily reading of the Proverbs, this book will enrich your understanding of the Proverbs and help you to understand how their wisdom can be implemented in your own life.
About the author:

Walter Boyd

and his wife, Maud, were commended to serve the Lord in 1990 and after spending nine years in Cape Town, South Africa, they returned to reside in Northern Ireland. Walter continues in the work of the Lord in gospel preaching and the ministry of God's Word, as well as the production of teaching literature through Scripture Teaching Library.

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