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The Extent of the Atonement by James Morison


THE EXTENT OF THE ATONEMENT is a companion volume to Morison's The Nature of the Atonement (also published by Scripture Teaching Library Distribution). It addresses the vital question 'For whom did Christ die?' Morison outlines a clear, coherent, and, above all, scriptural case against the doctrine of a limited atonement. In the chapters of this book, he examines the biblical evidence – both direct and indirect – for the universal scope of Christ's atoning work. But this is no dry theological treatise. Morison's writing breathes an evangelical fervour and an evident love for souls. Above all, he is careful at every turn of his argument to exalt Christ. The reader will find his heart warmed, and his soul moved to worship the Son of God, Who loved sinners, and gave Himself for them. This is a book to be read, considered, and enjoyed.
About the author:

James Morison

(1816–1893) was born in Bathgate, Scotland, and educated at Edinburgh University. He was originally ordained a minister in the United Secession Church, but was suspended from his ministry because he did not hold the doctrine of limited atonement. He continued to preach the gospel, and saw many souls saved, before he died in Glasgow in 1893.

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