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The Man Sent from God by Samuel W. Jennings



THERE WAS A MAN SENT FROM GOD, whose name was John. These words introduce us to one of the greatest men in the Bible. The Saviour, Himself, singled John out for the highest praise: 'Among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist' (Mt.11:11). John's public ministry may have lasted for only two and a half years, but it was of crucial importance in the purposes of God, bringing an end to prophetic revelation, as it had taken place in the Old Testament, and announcing the coming of One Who was even greater than John. This book provides a detailed and comprehensive study of the life and ministry of John the Baptist, from the prophecies that went beforehand, to his martyrdom at the hands of Herod. This book summarises a great deal of material and offers much practical teaching, as well as devotional reflections on the person of Christ.
About the author:

Samuel W. Jennings

was commended to full time service in the work of the Lord in 1969. Since then he has spent his time preaching the gospel and teaching the Holy Scriptures in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, the United States of America, and the West Indies. He is the author of a number of books, including The Perfect Servant Presented by Mark;The Man Sent from God (a study of the life of John the Baptist); and Alpha and Omega: Studies in the Book of Revelation.

Book Reviews:

THE MAN SENT FROM GOD - By Samuel W. Jennings

Paperback, 160 pages

The Man Sent From God is a comprehensive character study of John the Baptist. Jennings leaves no stone unturned as he systematically analyses the life of the forerunner of the Lord Jesus. There is no doubt that the author’s intention is not only to direct our attention to the Baptist, but also to the One of whom the Baptist spoke so often, the One ‘who must increase’. This, Jennings achieves with great success.

There are ten chapters which consider the life of John in a chronological order. Some chapters include: The Prophecies that went Beforehand; The Announcement of the Birth of John; John, the Forerunner of the Lord; The Testimony of Christ to John; and John the Baptist and Elijah.

Undoubtedly this is a broad and detailed study of every aspect of John’s life. There is a strong emphasis in the book on the practical lessons which can be drawn from the teaching and this is both helpful and insightful. Occasionally the author is prone to wander, but these are generally side streets which are most interesting, including a detailed analysis of the burials of various Old Testament patriarchs and a comparison and contrast of the lives and ministry of Elijah and Elisha.

Despite this, the book is one I found to be quite difficult to read. Such is the writer’s style that much of the text is punctuated with tables, bullet-points and very short paragraphs. In addition, the editing of the book is poor, often referring to ‘Zachariah’ (rather than Zacharias) and at one point ‘Rebecca’ (rather than Rebekah). There are numerous grammar and spelling mistakes all of which punctuate the flow of the book.

Notwithstanding the minor editorial irritants, the book in general was interesting to read and offered much food for thought, not only in practical Christian living but also on the Person of Christ. What sweeter subject could there be? This book is recommended, but perhaps better as a reference aid than a general reading book.

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