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The Matter Of Our Mind by A.J. Higgins



We live in an anxiety-ridden society. The sale of anti-anxiety and antidepressant medications is at an all-time high. Believers are not immune to these problems. The Scriptures of Truth afford insight and help for all of these real-life issues. While medication and counselling can afford assistance in overcoming anxiety and depression, it is vital to see how the Word of God approaches these problems as well. With chapters covering a range of issues, including the sanctification of our minds, decision-making, meditation, and depression, this volume will be of value to shepherds in local assemblies who have to counsel believers as well as those who have known the distractions and pain of these conditions, and every believer looking for scriptural advice on the matter of the mind.
About the author:

A.J. Higgins

is a retired physician who practised for over 40 years in Family medicine. He and his wife, Ruth, are in fellowship in the assembly which gathers in Barrington NJ. His spoken and written ministry is widely appreciated throughout the English-speaking world.

Book Reviews:


Paperback, 115 pages.

The sub-title of the book is ‘Measuring our minds by scripture’, and that very adequately sums up the contents of this latest work by Sandy Higgins. It is not an academic treatise on psychology, though the author is well qualified to undertake such a task, but rather an examination of the way in which scripture can, and does, provide the answers to many of the problems which challenge the believer’ mind in our twenty-first century society.

Taking the reader back to the purposes of God in creation, we learn that the complex mind given to man sets him apart from the animal creation as being rational, reflective, relational and responsible. A mind which operates within the sphere of intelligence, emotion and will. Having established that the mind is the dynamic which determines our behaviour, our manner of life and our interaction with others, the author outlines the factors which influence our minds. He shows the pernicious impact that certain forces have – the media, music, and peer pressure, among others. It is clearly seen that, within a generation, matters once considered sinful have now been normalized in the secular world and are not just tolerated but accepted and expected. Truth has become a subjective matter, with mankind accepting the devil’ word that ‘you will be as gods’, determining their own standards of ‘good and evil’.

The author also suggests, and verifies, that the descent of morality within society has not been a steady drift, but rather a determined torrent, all of which impacts upon the mind of the believer when actions and decisions must be taken. He points out that whereas we cannot necessarily control the thoughts which challenge our minds, we can, however, determine how we deal with them.

Scripture references abound throughout the book, dealing with marriage and family life, financial pressures, and depression and stress in our modern world. I recommend this book to everyone.

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Paperback, 115 pages.

Book review author: Marcus Cain

Perhaps more than ever before in human history, the mind is under tremendous pressure and constant attack. This book comes at a time when stress overwhelms many, anxiety is becoming increasingly common, and depression is afflicting an ever greater proportion of society at large. The Christian is not exempt from any of these challenges.

The topic of the mind is extensive, but Dr. Higgins treats it biblically and succinctly. He makes it plain that we need to examine our minds in the light of the Holy Scriptures, whether we are dealing with marriage problems or miscarriage, injustice or infertility, failure or frailty, death or depression. He spends considerable time dealing with these misfortunes in life, but before he does so he describes the minefield through which we are currently walking. The media, music, the movements, the messages and the masses all will take us away from the One who modeled a perfect mind.

One whole chapter deals with depression, and he ably takes us through the story of Elijah, finishing with the emergence from this affliction of the mind. He does make it clear that this book is not meant to deal with a severe depression that requires more intensive intervention, but rather what used to be called melancholy.

This book is essential reading for elders as they keep their finger on the pulse of the mind of the sheep. It will also be helpful for parents, as these issues of the mind commence at an ever earlier age. All believers will find this book to be a profitable read as they reap the benefits of Dr. Higgins’ many years of service both as a shepherd amongst God’s people and as a physician.

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