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The Surprising Saviour


This is, in a sense, a book about a word. Each of its chapters considers a portion of Scripture where the Greek word thaumazō appears - a word most often translated in the Authorised Version as 'marvelled'. But it is also, and more importantly, a book about a Person, for, with the exception of the final chapter, each use of the word examined relates the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ. As we trace this word through the gospels, we are reminded that we have a surprising Saviour - a Saviour Whose uniqueness, seen in so many different ways, caused men and women to marvel as they encountered Him during the days of His flesh. Those same unique glories should still move us to worship and should still surprise us. This book takes a fresh look at familiar passages and well-known narratives with the goal of causing our souls to be filled with a renewed sense of wonder and a fresh appreciation of Christ.
About the author:

Mark Sweetnam

is in fellowship in the assembly at Rathmines, Dublin, Ireland. He is an Assistant Professor of English with Digital Humanities in the School of English at Trinity College Dublin, specialising in seventeenth-century literature and the history of evangelicalism. He is the author of a number of books including Sanctify Them Through Thy Truth: God's Word in Human History (published by John Ritchie), The Dispensations: God's Plan for the Ages, Worship: The Christian's Highest Calling, and To the Day of Eternity: Future Events in Bible Prophecy (published by Scripture Teaching Library).

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