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Thoughts On The Miracles by John F. Parkinson



In this book, John Parkinson’s keen eye and photographic skill have captured stunning images of God’s majestic creation. These beautiful photographs are accompanied by a series of devotional meditations on the miracles performed by the creator of all this beauty while He moved in His own creation. As He met men and women whose lives were marked and marred by the destructive impact of sin, the Saviour’s authority was marvellously seen in His power over sickness, over the natural world, over demons, and even over death itself. These miracles demonstrate the true identity of the Son of God. They display the authority of Messiah, confirming that He has the ability to fulfill all of the Scripture’s promises for the coming Millennial age. And they communicate vital lessons about how Divine power can change the lives of sinful men and women in the present. 128 pages – 265mm x 210mm Laminated cover with french flaps. A beautiful “pass-along” gift book for any friend. Plenty of thoughts to cheer the heart of a believer and plenty of gospel to provoke thought in an unbeliever.
About the author:

John F. Parkinson

resides with his wife Andrea in Ballymena, N. Ireland. They are in fellowship in a local assembly where John shares regularly in teaching and preaching activities. Having retired from secular employment, John is devoting more time to writing and travelling to other countries to help the believers. He has written three other books: The Faith of God's Elect (Gospel Tract Publications, 1999); No Other Doctrine (John Ritchie 2005, 2010); and War in the Gates (John Ritchie, 2012).

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