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To The Day Of Eternity by Mark Sweetnam



This book has its origin in the firm conviction that a grasp of God's prophetic programme is not an esoteric indulgence for the eccentric, but an essential element of every believer's knowledge of his or her Bible and an indispensable part of living a scriptural Christian life. In the prophecies of Scripture, God treats us not as servants, but as friends, allowing us to see and understand something of His plans for the universe – and for His own.

To The Day Of Eternity will assist the student of Bible prophecy by providing a clear and concise outline of future events. It addresses the question of how prophetic Scripture ought to be interpreted, and describes the distinctive hopes of Israel and the Church. It also stresses the practical value of prophecy in our everyday lives, highlighting its importance as a preventative against doctrinal distortions and a promoter of correct Christian conduct. Throughout the book, we are reminded that 'the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy', as Christ is seen to be the central subject of prophecy, and the Source and Sum of the believer's hope.
About the author:

Mark Sweetnam

is in fellowship in the assembly at Rathmines, Dublin, Ireland. He is an Assistant Professor of English with Digital Humanities in the School of English at Trinity College Dublin, specialising in seventeenth-century literature and the history of evangelicalism. He is the author of a number of books including Sanctify Them Through Thy Truth: God's Word in Human History (published by John Ritchie), The Dispensations: God's Plan for the Ages, Worship: The Christian's Highest Calling, and To the Day of Eternity: Future Events in Bible Prophecy (published by Scripture Teaching Library).

Book Reviews:


In To The Day Of Eternity (9781909789203) Dr Sweetnam provides a clear and concise outline of the whole field of eschatology (future events). His opening chapter, “Why Prophecy Matters”, opens up into 154 pages of teaching that takes in Daniel’s 70 weeks, the rapture, the “marriage of the Lamb”, the tribulation, the battle of Armageddon, the “return of the King”, the Millennial kingdom, the judgments of the last days and the eternal state. This work will greatly aid the reader in getting to grips with an overall view of prophetic events and how the revelation of them in Scripture, often accompanied by figurative language, should be accurately and correctly interpreted. Dr Sweetnam takes a pre-tribulational, pre-millennial view of eschatology and gives considerable air-time to the issue of the Millennium (its certainty, character, citizens, conditions and conclusion). This will make a worthy addition to the library of all serious student of Bible prophecy.

Credits: Review by Michael Penfold
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