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Zephaniah, by Frederick A. Tatford


Prophet of Royal Blood

The Prophecy of Zephaniah is one of the least-read books in our Bibles. Yet, as this study demonstrates, the book is not just of central importance to our understanding of the character and course of the Day of the Lord, but is full of vital practical lessons, which apply, with particular force, to the world of the twenty-first century. Though Zephaniah lived in a day of reformation, he was more concerned with the impending visitation of Divine wrath upon a guilty people than with the effects of the royal reforms. Yet he closes his prophecy with words of hope and deliverance, and the remarkable picture of the Eternal resting silent in His love.This new edition makes Tatford's informed and very readable exposition of a neglected portion of Scripture available to a new generation of Bible students.
About the author:

Frederick A. Tatford

Frederick A. Tatford (1901–1986) was a prolific author and an able minister of God’s Word, who travelled extensively. He wrote over seventy books, many of them dealing with prophetic subjects.

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